Sunday, September 15, 2013

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Primates are Amazing!

Since I lived in the junior hall for the last ten years, I have always called the primary classes primates! They always seemed to be running in three million different directions! I will have to admit that I have been in a junior class for over eight years. So when I volunteered to move to a primary class, I thought it would be a breeze! Boy, was I wrong! I am plum tired and I am ready for a weekend of napping! These kids are like the energizer bunnies! They NEVER stop! They come into school on the first day so cute and adorable in their new clothes and shoes! Three days later, their stuff is everywhere and suddenly things go missing! A few moments are already standing out this school year. My one student insists on calling me "Mrs. J. Bellinger" because that is what is on my door. Another student is annoyed that I get a milkshake everyday and they don't! ( I drink Isagenix shakes everyday for lunch!) My adorable little grade one responded "All I want to do is learn how to read!" when I asked my students what they knew about math. They crack me up! My learning this week is that things will progress slowly! We can read to self for 6 minutes before someone starts to chat about Starwars or Princess books. We finished one phonics worksheet in 60 minutes and that was a miracle! Cutting out pictures of apples can be very hard work for kids who haven't had experience with scissors. Arm fart competitions have been banned in my classroom and of course there is a child who really doesn't care what we do as long as he can bug everyone in the room! I have named the child for my blog as BEAST (This is only to protect me from trouble.) Beast seems happy to never be on task and always has an inappropriate comment for everyone. BEAST needs to sit by himself and work and still only gets 1/4 of the work done that everyone else does. He would rather kick the radiator and make rattling noises to annoy everyone else. I have a challenge at hand! Look out BEAST, you may have met your match!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

As Good As It Can Get & Fall Party!

Well, I have done what I can do to finish my class. My boards are bare because I believe in Co-creating things to put up on the wall. I painted and made this room my own. I look forward to meeting my class of 21! 1/2 split should be an adventure! Now, about the party! The new online catalogue is open today! Yay! If you live in Ontario, please shop and go through the portal! Here is the link: If you live outside of Ontario, please contact me directly for ordering information! I love the fall colours! Don't forget the fall specials! For every $40 you spend in September, get an ORGANIZING UTILITY TOTE for $18 or a SUPER ORGANIZING UTILITY TOTE for $30!

Friday, August 30, 2013


Terri is the winner of my first giveaway! But don't worry! You can shop and have a sneak peak at the fall catalogue on September First! Anyone who makes a purchase will be entered to Win a 1/2 price item of their choice! Use the link to get to the shopping sit. Go to my parties and follow the Back To School Link! Any questions? Just ask away! If you choose to have items shipped to you home directly, there is $6.50 charge. Place your order and pay, but I will reimburse you in a way. I will send you a coupon for $5.00 off your next purchase. If you live outside Ontario, contact me directly to get information about shipping! I am happy to take PayPal ang email transfers if this helps. Here is the link: Happy back to school!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School and a 31 Party!

It's slowly approaching!  That week before I go back to work!  How will I ever be ready for that first day of school?  What will I wear and what school bag do I use?  I've got the school bags covered!  Have you seen Thirty-one Gifts?  It is now in Canada!  Yay us!  The new fall line makes me want to buy another bag just for fall!

If you are a teacher, the best bag to start with is the Organizing Utility Tote!  Here is my bag below!  the little pink one is no longer available, but there is another bag very similar!
Of course I had my initials put on mine, ($7.00 extra to embroider your name)but this is an great picture because at the top of the page in the FOLD'nFile!  This goes inside the bad to help with files!  I love this because if I need my bag for other things, I can pop out the Fold'nFile and continue on with my day!

Now, that being said...  I would like to do my very first raffle and online and a Thirty-one Back to School Party!!  If would like to enter, please complete the rafflecopter below!  Remember, I have one $25 gift certificate to shop with for a lucky winner!  It must be used during my back to school party during the first week of September 2013 and if can only be used through the issuing consultant, ME!

Since my bff, Sidney, is helping me with this to help me launch my new blog, please remember like her Facebook Page!  The Draw will be in the am of September 1st!  On September 1st, My Party begins!!! 

The new fall catalogue will be available for you to drool over and to purchase from! If you would like to shop online with me during my party, here is the link: .  Click on the link and then go to my parties and click on Jen's Back to School Party!  If you live in Ontario, you can have your items shipped to your home directly.  If you live outside of Ontario, please contact me personally at and I will discuss your options for ordering!!  (Thirty-one does not ship outside of Ontario yet!  It is coming though!)  If you are American, I will give you my friend, Michelle's information for ordering.  She is an American consultant!

I will keep the party open until Friday, September 6th so people can shop when they are recovering from that lovely first week of school!  I have to perform a wedding on that Friday!  I hope I am not a zombie by then! (Yes, I am a wedding officiant too! I will tell you about that some other time!)

Are you interested in hosting a party online?  How about a home party in Ontario?  How about becoming a consultant?  Contact me at my e-mail and Let's Get the Party Started

It is Double Hostess Credit month in September.  To qualify for double hostess credit, your party has to be over $600 in sales!  Yahoo!  That is easy to do, since the average party is usually over $600!  Who couldn't use over $200 in free products? 

September Special:

For every $40 you spend in September, get an

Organizing Utility Tote for $18 or a Super Organizing Tote for $30!

Talk about an AWESOME way to start school!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013



  See my patient son! 

See the door?  It leads to the Principal's office!

My students helped me move!  I have no idea where they put things!
 Check out my SMART BOARD!
This is what my classroom looked like in July!  Our custodian is one of the hardest working people I have ever met!  She has a summer schedule and don't even think of getting in her way!  One thing I must say is our school is always sparkling clean before the first day of school in September.  It will be a sad day in October when my favourite custodian retires.  Who ever follows her has big shoes to fill!